n the middle of the crowd of the drama production companies, Alabshar is getting ready to reserve a place in the Drama production list in the Arab world , where Alabshar is preparinga secure beginning coinciding with the rise of interest in the drama field . while the concentration in the mean while is around this field of production, and that Alabshar is presenting the other side of the new Drama , which it means the Dramatic artistic side but with high techniques and possibilities , characterized by special colors and new properties.

Alabshar is specialized company in building the information related to the material in a drama production professional way and other artistic materials in Iraq.

We also were able to keep up with a large part of the cerian drama that was introduced to the world, and all the other Iraqi companies that and all Iraqi businesses that have been photographed, before you start filming, and during, and the echoes of the post-show, news, comment and analysis, word and image, and video clips that distinguishes us .