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Media Services

Alabshar for media has a clear mission and vision seeks to implementing it , and committed to drive the media making development in the region through developing the local talents and managing the leading brands in the middle east which are able to provide our media plat form with the viewer needs of information , education ,and entertainment . Alabshar also contracts partnerships with the major media groups in the world to promote our offers in both regional and international levels. Which is clear through Alabshar management of the leading brands in the Iraqi and Arabic market , ALabshar also provides media services for television , Radio , publishing , digital media , music , digital advertising , broadcasting, external production and printing. And due the rapid development in the world , Alabshar provide a professional technological solutions and professional planning that is appropriate to new pattern of life through the global media , culture and entertainment for television stations channels and studios and network operators through satellites as well as providing press services to other media , which include the provision of camera crew , editing , and satellite fixed and mobile broadcasting according to the newest systems that are used in the most of the media ,and also directing and constituting professional TV. Channels and provide a professional staff and the training in the channels field according to the international training programs with committing to a high rates of success and according to the agreement with the customers . Alabshar also is committing to support and develop the media industry in the region throw developing the local talents and managing the leading media organizations which offers a meaningful , educational and entertaining media.

Media Service

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